Went in with High Expectations, met and Surpassed Them

She is very sweet and down to earth and very beautiful. We shared some stories of our past and it matches ... it’s all amazing :-) hope she enjoyed our time because I most definitely enjoyed it. Until next time!


The Naughtiest Sweet Girl Around

A joyful experience. Time with Hallie provides the perfect companionship. Sweet and naughty in like proportions, she loves to please, and her pleasure in my company was equal to mine in hers. A lovely and bright young lady, I hope she remembers the directive I left her with between now and when I see her next.

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 5.30.29 AM.png

Toe Curling, Max Heartbeat Session!

Hallie is very pretty and has a great personality. The type of person you could talk to for hours without getting bored. Very energenic with a super positive attitude. I hope to see her again soon!


OMG - I’ve Been Struck by Hallie’s Comet! 

It felt amazing like being younger again. Like being at a party and eyeing this beautiful girl across the room who is undressing you with her eyes and you can’t believe it. Hallie is beautiful, her eyes are gorgeous, watching her and feeling her earthquakes and tremors was an experience that I will go back for ....many times.